Monday, 17 February 2020

Scientific Method

Hello readers toady i'm going to be making a new blog post about, Scientific Method. We are supposed to watch and there are some words in it and we need to write their meaning. Me and Sid made a biteable about it and it is so cool. Here it is.

Scientific Method on Biteable.

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Thursday, 13 February 2020

Respect To Your Mates.

Hello readers today I'm going to be making a new blog post about respect, we have been only doing it for two hours. We are talking about CARR values we choose respect, we made a DLO about it and it is so cool. It has gifs, pictures and a lot of writing.I hope you really like this post, Here it is.

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Tuesday, 11 February 2020


Hey readers, today I'm going to be doing my second blog post of the year. We are continuing to do the martian movie. We made a bitable about it and here it is:

Mars on Biteable.

Monday, 10 February 2020

The Martian

Hey readers, today I'm going to be doing my first blog post of the year,and also I think its is going to be the most interesting one, a guy stuck on mars. We have been doing this for two weeks, the move was 2 hours long. The movie is funny and its quite serious too because mark got a metal stick stabbed in his stomach.

 We are supposed to do a recap of the story, there is a crew going home from Mars and suddenly there was a sandstorm going towards them they were far from the space ship, they ran to the ship as fast as they can but the storm caught up to them. They were like walking slow motion mark got hit by the satellite  thing and he got left everyone went in the ship and went to space. Mark got left in mars he grew potato's with soil from earth, he made water by steam and it was so creative.

He found a rover and it was not working he heated it up with an old nuclear core ,he used to to communicate to earth it was the best thing he could do to communicate to earth because they will be able to see him with the rovers camera. Mark wrote yes or no on the side and the question on the middle. He told them that he can survive longer because he has food that's what gave them confidence to save him.

The crew that left him went back for him and they thought he was going to die but he was having fun. They use the atmosphere of earth as a sling shop they got they're and mark was waiting till he gets permission to launch the small rocket ship. He got permission to launch and it was clear he launched. He got to space and he was floating around. The crew leader told a crew member to make a bomb to get closer to mark.. The bomb exploded and there was a lot of air came out and they got more closer. Mark cut a hole in his spacesuit, he got out of the rocket ship and flew like iron man. It was so coolImage result for the martian

We answered questions on our books and it was about mark. I think I got my my prediction right because he got rescued from mars.

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Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Family Traditions.

Hey guys, Today i'm making a new blog post about family traditions, I made a DLO about it here it is.


Little Trees from the top right of  mountain.  Wonderful sky reflecting to the glittery sea. Big ships floating in the blue sea .I can see the sea from the top of the mountain.

Summer Learning Journey.

Hello readers, today I'm making a new blog post about my first Summer Learning Journey blog post. I'm going to be writing about Roald Dahl. It says the he was a British pilot, there is some really cool and interesting words this is the most interesting one of them. Scrumdiddlyumptious, This means unique recipes and cooking hacks. He is be author that have written BFG.  I like his books because of the twits, They are very unique characters and very unique shapes. Mrs Twit is wonky and Mr Twit food stuck in his nostrils. This disgust me. Roald Dalh is Successfully for writing books because his books are funny and catchy with the picture in it. BFG is saying strange words like well Beans and I is not doing ECT. BFG is controlling the dreams of the people.  He gives good and bad dreams, He gets trap Dreams in some jars. BFG means Big Friendly Giant.